Strong Digital Branding is Important

When it comes to project work, we emphasize the importance of solidified, transferable digital branding & collateral for our prospects and clients. It’s not enough to simply display your strong digital brand on your website. Your company’s brand and brand collateral should be well developed and portable enough to be used and shared throughout the digital ecosystem of social media, blog, press and news and other digital coverage. Helping our clients translate their core business competencies into the digital realm is at the core of what we do.

Marketing Advice from Hubspot

We found an interesting article this morning on, which gave an all-new spin on the importance of developing and extending your company’s digital brand.

Key Takeway:  Digital Branding is Now a MAJOR Factor in Determining Google Page Ranking.


recent Google Penguin Algorithm Update

Check out this quote from Adam de Jong and Read the Full Article on

“Post-Penguin 2.0, the message is clear: if you want to rank and drive real traffic, you need to build your online brand. By strong branding, I’m not talking exclusively about giants like CNN and Zappos et al. I mean a strong brand in relation to the other sites in your industry fighting over specific SERP territory.

Say you’re a local dentist trying to rank for your best keywords. You won’t ever have brand recognition equal to that of Apple. But you can have an amazingly strong web brand for your local market. And if you do, you’re much more likely to rank.”

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