Do you need a Mobile-friendly Web Site?

When… and how do you determine if it’s the right time for your business to invest in a Mobile-Friendly Website or Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Stats on Mobile Visitors & Traffic

A Mobile-Friendly or “Responsive” Website is one of the “CORE 4” pieces of any successful digital campaign. Here are a few useful mobile stats & insight by our friends at According to the article by Carrie Hill:

  • Most of the Web is accessed via mobile phones. Email is accessed via a mobile at a rate of 36% and growing according to a Knotice study from earlier this year.
  • Making calls is now the 5th most popular action to take on a mobile phone. The #1 use for a mobile phone is surfing the Internet.
  • China is the top country for mobile Web users (April 2012 Study)
  • Globally, the percentage of page views attributed to mobile nearly doubled from 6.5% in October of 2011 to 12.3% in May of 2012.


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