Depending on their level of need and search intent, your potential clients and customers will use one of two search methods to find your business online:

  1. Brand Name Search / URL Search
  2. Service Keyword Search

Brand Name Search Optimization

In the case of “Brand Name Search”, it is important that your business not only has an accessible website, but also has an updated, optimized digital presence on all popular business listing and social media sites. The more search engine (SERP) links back to your business website, the better. Think about it from the “searcher” or “customer” perspective:

  1. Jim wants to buy a Home. He remembers Two real estate firm names he heard about from friends:  ABC Real Estate and XYZ Realty
  2. Jim goes to Google and searches “ABC Real Estate” first and sees:
    1. ONLY One search result for the website
    2. No other links to ABC Real Estate on Twitter, Yelp, Google+, Yellow Pages, etc.
  3. Then, Jim goes back to Google and searches “XYZ Realty” and sees”
    1. One Result for the Main Website (with attached Google+ Page, Structured Data and Map Location)
    2. Links to “XYZ Realty” on, Yelp, BBB and other business listings with positive reviews.
    3. Links to “XYZ Realty” on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube.
    4. An Updated post from “XYZ Realty” on Google Plus about “Real Estate in the Woodlands”
    5. An ad on the Sidebar of Google, advertising a new “XYZ” Referral offer
  4. After both search results…. which company would Jim initially think is more credible? more established and trustworthy?

See what we mean?  From your perspective, as a business leader, it important to make sure your business is registered locally with all of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). In addition, there are many local listing services that have favorable search ranking which your business should be included in.  This can be an arduous set of tasks, but they are necessary.

Service Keyword Search Optimization

In the case of “Service Keyword Search”,  customers from different areas in a city (ie. Houston) and surrounding areas may search for services near them (ie. Real Estate Firm in Sugarland).  This is what Google calls a “Local Search“. Along with triggering search results from the local listings pages (see above), local search optimization is a key factor in optimizing the content strategy and architecture of your new website design.

If you have a local business location (no matter if the corporation is global), your site content and back end coding should absolutely include meta tags and key content that let Google know your site/business location (ie. Houston, TX). After optimization….. If someone now searches for “Buy Home in Woodlands, TX” or “Real Estate Firm in Sugarland, TX“, your website will now have a better chance of showing up in the Google results.

With so many clients and potential customers searching from their mobile devices, this area of search optimization and digital strategy is more important than ever.

Find a Local Business SEO Expert

In the beginning of any digital project, it’s important to take the time to discover online opportunities in branding, content strategy & architecture, social media, SEO/Search engine optimization and advertising. After an in-depth research & discovery process, the DUPID Team provides our clients with strategic business advice & resources to build a full search engine optimization plan.

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